Monday, 22 July 2013

The “Governance & Public Policy Initiative” (GPPI), was set up under the Centre for Policy Research (CPR) in August 2012.

GPPI has been established to develop innovative approaches to effective and accountable governance, promote political and social entrepreneurship and foster a strategic community that brings together Indian law makers, eminent scholars and academicians, think tank experts, the bureaucracy and civil society through sustained discussion and debates. 

It aims to provide a cross functional international network of think tanks and academic institutions to continuously strengthen our public policy initiatives and rely on CPR’s excellent research facility supported by some of the most renowned scholars in India today.

GPPI takes no institutional positions on matters of policy.

Set up with the objective of strengthening parliamentary diplomacy that binds India and the world, we intend to promote thoughtful debate and dialogue on issues which exemplify the key challenges on the global governance agenda. GPPI engages with Members of Parliament, key leaders from various Indian political parties, Members of the Indian Legislative Assemblies and the country’s current and emerging leaders in our efforts to hone the governance and public policy discourse in India.  Read more