Meeting of the Core Members of the Political Leaders’ Forum on Child Survival

nd the Global Health Strategies (GHS) organised an agenda focused meeting of the core members of ‘The Political Leaders’ Forum on Child Survival’ on March 9, 2015

The Forum has served as a crucial platform to raise the issues surrounding child survival. It has so far conducted over 11 meetings with the participation of almost 40 Members of Parliament representing nearly all states of the country.

The meeting was organised to discuss the future action plan and agenda for the effective and successful functioning of the Forum in the future as part of a collaborative series of roundtables organized by both GPPI-CPR and GHS aimed to educate and equip political leaders for comprehensive child survival interventions for diseases that kill a large percentage of our children in the country; create awareness and utilise platforms to raise the profile of child survival.

The meeting was attended by six multi-party Members of Parliament.